why HOMEoklahoma?


At HOMEoklahoma, we know technology is exciting and necessary to enhance exposure for each of our listings. We utilize the expertise of professionals when we market our clients' properties. We purposefully incorporate technologies for buyers and sellers that make transactions seamless and convenient. Our unmatched website exposure and strategic marketing in print help make it possible for your HOME to stand out in the marketplace. You can even sign your contract with digital signature software. The sale of your HOME moves ahead of others because we stay abreast of trends and are quick to employ meaningful technologies.  We leverage the best marketing vehicles for every sale.

accurate advice

Our advice is crucial in understanding what a client should expect when buying or selling a HOME. Buyers and Sellers look to us for qualified answers. We have the credentials, experience and resources needed for invaluable answers that are bound to weigh heavily on every profitable transaction. We are proud of our track record in researching and analyzing important factors that can make the difference in achieving the best possible financial outcomes.


Our strong negotiation skills are an invaluable asset in every sale or purchase we touch and we consistently achieve the best pricing for our Sellers and Buyers. Our success is founded upon our daily analysis of market activity and trends, understanding of marketing communications, having good relationships with our colleagues, our years of experience in the industry, and simply being unrelenting and passionate about what we do.

work ethic

The difference between an anxiety-ridden experience and a fluid, hassle-free experience is the level of commitment a REALTOR® is willing to make. At HOMEoklahoma, we are dedicated to providing our clients with full-time service, and to always being available to respond to questions and situations. Our mission is to find perfect HOMES for our buyers, and to negotiate the quick, profitable sale of our sellers’ HOMES.


At HOMEoklahoma, we want to eliminate unwanted surprises throughout the buying or selling process. Our integrated database enables us to do just that. While away from the office, we respond to appointment requests within moments, give immediate feedback to our sellers, and send up-to-the minute listings to our buyers. Every detail and question is attended to at every step in the process.

global reach

HOMEoklahoma taps into the worldwide referral network of RE/MAX. Selling here and buying there? Not to worry! Across the U.S. and in 85 countries around the world, RE/MAX is bound to have a qualified agent near your destination. At HOMEoklahoma, we take the time to interview REALTORS® at your destination, and only refer you to the REALTOR® who is best suited to finding the perfect HOME for you and your family.


At HOMEoklahoma, it is paramount that we satisfy the HOME buying or selling needs of every single client. We are motivated to do so by the knowledge that satisfied clients form the core of a referral base that generates success for us now and in the future. In short, your success is the key that unlocks our success. Our goal is to make buying or selling a HOME as effortless as possible for our clients. Your referral is the highest compliment and the only true measure of our success.

construction savvy

Knowledge of HOME construction is not in the repertoire of every REALTOR®, but at HOMEoklahoma, we are a premium resource for information about trends, details and features for new or existing HOMES. Our construction knowledge can make a notable difference in planning for lower utility costs or limited property maintenance. Before they remodel or build, HOMEoklahoma clients know they can rely on our construction advice to help them invest wisely in features that will increase the potential resale value of their HOME.

market savvy

At HOMEoklahoma, we review activity in the Real Estate market every day, noting movement in the broader marketplace, as well as individual listings. We also devote our attention to potential influences from around the business world. We keep ourselves informed in the greater Oklahoma City markets, and maintain thriving relationships with other REALTORS. It is common for us to know about HOMES for viewing before they are even on the market.