ALICE DAHLGREN | Are you ready to sell your HOME?

Alice shares more secrets gleaned from her experience working with hundreds of clients. This short video is a treasure chest of tips that cuts to the chase on what leads to a successful sale.

Complete transcript appears below the recipe.

A staple like no other . . . claim victual victory with Alice’s amazing

Eye of the Round Roast

I’m always looking for delicious recipes that are simple and ones I would share with my friends. The Eye of the Round Roast has always been a family favorite. You may have to ask your butcher for this cut.  

— Alice


Trim off fat from the roast and if you have the tenderizer tool from Cabela’s — use it.

Put this tool on your to do list and buy it, if you do not have one.

Roll the roast in olive oil and generously salt and pepper the entire roast.  

Place on a rack in a METAL pan.  Sometimes a very hot oven will break a glass dish.

Once the oven is pre-heated add the roast to the oven and turn the oven down to 475 degrees.  For every pound of meat cook it for 7 minutes.  If you have a 4-pound roast then cook it for 28 minutes for medium doneness. After that TURN OFF THE OVEN and DO NOT open the door for 2 ½ hours.  The drippings will not be burned, so you can make gravy too!

Be sure to let the roast rest for about 20-30 minutes prior to slicing.  


Place cooking pan on the stove and heat. 

If there is not much fat there you can add 1-2 T olive oil. 

Add about 3 T flour to the drippings and whisk in for about 30-40 seconds.  Continue whisking and add beef broth until you reach the consistency of gravy.  This just takes a few minutes and is wonderful over the meat or a baked potato.  



Are you ready to sell your HOME? 

How do you price it? Ask a neighbor? Ask your doctor? 

I still believe a REALTOR should be the professional you trust to access the comparable sales and help you interpret them with a current market price for your house.

Friends and neighbors are there to tell you what you want to hear.  Talking to an established REALTOR does not cost you anything.  It’s worth listening. In particular, look for experience. Years of performance. The CRS credential attests to that. A Realtor who holds the CRS is certified as being qualified to answer any residential real estate question.

Remember—buyers determine value based on how the seller presents the house. Your REALTOR can help with objective input and helping your HOME present at its very, very best.

Once you have a buyer interested in your house, you’ll definitely benefit from the skills a seasoned real estate pro can contribute in price negotiations, price adjustments, contracts, inspections, closings --- rely on your REALTOR to make appropriate recommendations at every level.

If your house has been on the market several months, work with your REALTOR to discover a better path for selling your home. Stir it up! Maybe open houses work in your area. Maybe it’s a price change or changing something in the house that your REALTOR hears feedback on. Every HOME for sale needs to be presented to those potential buyers so that it is appealing as possible. This goes way beyond “talk” or sales-pitching buyers.