ALICE | Deciding . . . remodel or move?

Alice discusses how to evaluate and decide if you should move to a new house or remodel your current HOME.

Should I Stay, or should I go?

After living in your HOME for a while, sometimes the question comes up, “Should we remodel or look for a new house?”

Alice brings up a few great points that you need to consider before deciding either way.

You'll find the video transcription available below the delicious recipe.

Alice Dahlgren | realizations on remodeling vs moving

Mrs. Sames' Classic Margarita Cocktail recipe

In searching for the perfect Margarita, I encountered some varied history. Supposedly, a Houston socialite owned property in Acapulco. She was encouraged to develop a new drink. Her name was Margarita Sames. 
Two hotel owners, Nick Hilton and Joseph Drown (owner of the Hotel Bel Air in LA) were present. Mrs. Sames enjoyed Tequila with lime juice.  She also enjoyed Cointreau, a liqueur imported from France. Her recipe was equal parts of Tequila, Lime Juice, and Cointreau. The rest is history perhaps. 
Many variations have developed over the years. It’s a great drink to serve with most any Mexican influenced dish. 
– Alice


  1. Combine in a shaker with ice.
  2. Shake and serve on ice in a Margarita glass.


  • 1 part Tequila (your favorite brand)
  • 1 part Lime Juice
  • 1 part Cointreau Liqueur

Full transcription of Alice Dahlgren's video "Remodel or move?"

When we are comfortable in our homes but need a different configuration, sometimes you might question -- should we remodel or stay in our home? 

Remodeling sounds good sometimes, but it nearly always costs more than estimated because it’s easy to add things not originally discussed, and it can really become a dusty ordeal.  It certainly depends on your budget as well.  

To truly evaluate a remodel, I suggest you ask a Realtor if the “neighborhood” sales can support adding more money to your investment there.  You surely don’t want to overbuild for your neighborhood.  You might end up making it difficult to get your money back out in the long run.  

Another thought is -- will a remodel refresh the entire house, so it lives and flows together?  Design and style need to stay in tune with the original parts of the house.  

Ask a Realtor to show you listings that might offer all the items you need in comparison to a remodel.  This too will help you make the decision of what to do. 

If you are considering extending your roof line and foundation, a remodel will become rather expensive.  

If you are thinking about this give us a call.  We can assist you in evaluating this decision.  

See you next time!