Dollars and time!

Dollars and time. . .

Sellers frequently ask, "What do I need to do to get my house ready to sell?"

We always want to present a clean and organized property, free of distractions.

As we walk through a property with the Seller we may make suggestions to help the Seller net the most amount of money while anticipating less time on the market.

Buyers often want a "new look" when they are ready to find a new property. Check out design magazines to observe the latest in design. At the moment "less" is preferred over seeing several collections sitting out. That's an easy thing to take care of. Step back to observe each space in your home. Items above the kitchen or other cabinetry such as vines seem to have exceeded their life. You can confirm that by looking through current design magazines.

Kitchens have become sleek

For years people have wanted to see granite counter-tops. They are still wonderful but new products have been introduced such as stainless steel and quartz. We have also heard about a new product which protects marble from becoming etched and stained... 

Checklist for making your house ready to sell —

  1. Clean! Consider hiring a service.
  2. Wash all lighting or wipe with vinegar and water.
  3. Open your cupboards and fold all the sheets and towels neatly. Buyers will see you are neat and organized with your cupboards.
  4. Clean and organize the kitchen cabinets.  
  5. Wash windows inside and outside. Clean the patio.
  6. Organize and clean the garage. Make a decision on leaving portable shelving.
  7. Groom the yard. Apply a "weed and feed" product during growing months makes your yard look like a standout on your block.
  8. Plant a little color by the front door. Pots are great because you can take them with you. We suggest adding a small shrub to the pots particularly during cold weather months.  
  9. Clean the entry including the threshold. Clean the front door--even paint or repair the finish if it does not look great.
  10. Consider painting if walls, ceilings, or exteriors need it. We have noticed walls and ceilings are very neutral.  The new Sherwin Williams paint color that is in is called the "mushroom" or "taupe" color wave. It has a hint of brown/gray.