ALICE | Let's keep the fire in the fireplace

ALICE DAHLGREN shares tips about your fireplace.

Winter weather is the perfect time to relax by the fireplace. Alice discusses a few quick but important precautions you should take this winter to keep your HOME safe from accidental fires.

Colder temperatures call for a warm fire

Nothing warms up a cold night like a nice fire in the fireplace. Alice walks through a few important precautions to take before throwing another log on the fire this winter.

You'll find the video transcription available below this delicious recipe.

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Preserved Lemons

I love having things in the refrigerator/freezer already prepared. This is wonderful to add to fresh fish prior to cooking.

This is something to prepare and slide to the back of the refrigerator for 3 months! No kidding.  In the end this makes a great hostess gift. (Divide into smaller containers).


  • 2 pounds lemons (Meyer lemons are great if you can find them). Cut them thinly and throw away seeds.  
  • Kosher salt
  • 5 cloves garlic, peeled
  • 2 small hot peppers (optional but really good—red or green—if you are serving children, omit)
  • 4-6 allspice berries (easy to find—if all you can find is powder then use 1-2 teaspoons)
  • 4 bay leaves
  • Sweet or hot paprika
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice to cover
  • Quality olive oil to seal the top of the container



Dip lemon slices in the salt and arrange them in layers. (I use new plastic containers with lids.)

Place garlic cloves, whole peppers, bay leaves and allspice berries between the layers of lemon. Press down hard until the juice rises. 

Pour the lemon juice to cover and seal by covering it with a generous layer of oil.  
Cover with the lid and refrigerate for 3 months. 

When the curing process has been completed, discard the garlic, allspice, peppers, and bay leaves. 

Smash the lemons and keep them in the refrigerator until you use them. 

It takes about 1 Tablespoon on fish to make a fabulous dinner.  If you are cooking a large salmon, then of course add enough to make a thin layer to cover.  Using too little is your only mistake.  



Let’s keep fire in the fireplace

Let’s get ready for winter and have a fire in the fireplace, not your entire house!

It’s been too warm for a fire this year but surely, we will have some cooler weather.  

If you burn a lot of fires you should check your fireplace by a professional chimney sweep each year. 

They can clean it if necessary to prevent a dangerous buildup of creosote.  Creosote can cause a flash fire in the chimney.

Cracked fire brick inside your chimney can create a potential fire---outside of the chimney!

If it’s been over two years since you had your fireplace checked I recommend doing so even if you don’t burn wood!