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Alice discusses new trends in kitchen countertops and explains the similarities and differences between three of the most popular surfaces.

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For years, granite has been the leading product in kitchen countertops, but color and style trends are changing, and more and more people are choosing Quartz and Quartzite surfaces. What’s the difference? Alice explains.  

You'll find the video transcription available below the delicious recipe.


Super Simple Vegetable Chicken Soup

It has been so cold lately I think soup is a natural interest for spending a cozy evening at home.  I had a lot of cut vegetables left over from a recent party we attended.  I decided to make SOUP.  
– Alice


  1. Chop the vegetables to fit easily in a spoon.  
  2. Sauté the onion in olive oil. (Your pan should be large enough to accommodate all the ingredients.)
  3. Add the remaining vegetables and broth.
  4. Cook for an hour or more.  
  5. Separately poach the chicken pieces in either water or broth. 
  6. As soon as the chicken is done, let it cool, then pull the meat off the bones and shred. Add to the pot. 
  7. Adjust the seasoning and serve with crusty bread or cornbread.  
P.S.  This freezes nicely to enjoy later.


  • 1 onion
  • ½ head of cauliflower
  • 4 carrots
  • 1 bunch celery
  • 1 red bell pepper
  •  ¼ - ½ C. sun-dried tomatoes (they can be either dry or in oil)
  •  1 package thyme (1 handful)—I put the stem and all in the pot.  The little leaves will fall off during cooking, and you can later pull out the stems.
  • 3 (32 oz.) cartons of chicken broth
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 chicken

Note: Feel free to add mushrooms, potatoes, or any other vegetable suitable for soup.  

Full transcription of Alice Dahlgren's video "The latest on kitchen countertops"

For years we have heard about GRANITE, GRANITE, GRANITE.  It’s a wonderful product, but styles have changed.  Not all GRANITE has the color palate desired.  GRANITE that is not in the popular color range of today is much more affordable due to less demand.

Today, we see much more QUARTZ and QUARTZITE.  What’s the difference, you might ask, and are they as good as GRANITE?  

Quartz used to be known as engineered stone, because it’s just that—a synthetic material that’s made in a factory out of stone chips, resins, and pigments.  

Quartzite, by comparison, is a metamorphic rock that originated as sandstone.  It’s extracted from a quarry and formed into finished slabs that become kitchen countertops, as well as tiles for floors, walls, and backsplashes.  A lot of Quartzite has swirling white and gray coloring.  Both colors have been extremely popular in kitchen design.  Quartzite is often compared to granite in terms of hardness and durability.  Like all natural stones, quartzite must be sealed periodically to protect it against wine, citrus, coffee, and other would-be stains.  

Non-porous Quartz doesn’t have to be sealed, making it much easier to maintain.  You might be directed to Quartz for your kitchen, since you won’t have to worry about sealing it.  Manufacturers are getting much better about replicating Quartzite for a more authentic look.  

Both are considered high-end for pricing.  

You might even consider a manufactured solid surface.  With “set-in” sinks they look more authentic.  These countertops are a fraction of the cost of either Quartz or Quartzite.  

Thanks for watching and see you next time.  

Alice and Kim