OKC   |   overview

Oklahoma City is one of the more unique cities in the nation. Oklahoma City was established and settled during the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889. The population of Oklahoma City grew to abut 10,000 in, literally, half a day. Angelo Scott, a journalist who staked his claim in the run, wrote that Oklahoma City has "an attitude that all things are possible if people are willing to take a chance and embrace the future without hesitation or reservation."

Oklahoma City is the hub of the Midwest Corridor, a center of traffic for businesses and travelers to and from every part of the nation. The city's aim has always been to offer the accoutrements that have come to be expected of a modern metropolis. As such, the community is highly supportive of the arts, quality health care, excellence in education — with several of the nation's top universities close at hand — and much, much more. Oklahoma City achieves these goals while avoiding high living costs and daily pitfalls of other major cities. Conversely, it is a livable city, where traffic is easy to navigate, and dreams and a rich quality of life are within arms' reach.

In some respects the recent settlement of Oklahoma was the most remarkable thing of the present century. Unlike Rome, the city... was built in a day. To be strictly accurate in the matter, it might be said that it was built in an afternoon.
— William Willard Howard, in Harper's Weekly, May 18, 1889.