Sous Vide

A great way to prepare steaks. . .

Looking for a way to prepare steak that melts in your mouth and has exquisite, incomparable taste and texture? There is a device called Sous Vide, designed to cook food by the technique of its namesake. The device is of French design as well. When used, foods are placed into plastic bags, vacuum sealed, and cooked in a circulating water bath. The food cooks evenly, but does not overcook. A constant temperature water bath (such as 139 degrees for cooking a tenderloin) requires perhaps only 45 minutes cooking time. Of course that is dependent upon the size of the meat — vegetables are great cooked by this method too! The result is meat cooked the same from side to side. The entire cut of meat can be cooked to well, medium, or rare---not just the outer edge or center cut.

When the food is done (timed cooking), unwrap and grill or sauté on high heat to achieve the look of a grill or browned outer edges.  This just takes a few minutes.  Remember, the food is already cooked.  This step is only for plate presentation.